Safety policy

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Safety policy

  1. Reducing energy consumption by implementing energy-efficient practices, such as using energy-efficient ligh

  2. Reducing water consumption by installing low-flow fixtures and implementing water conservation measures.

  3. Implementing recycling and waste reduction programs to minimize the amount of waste generated by the center

  4. Using environmentally friendly and sustainable products and materials, such as medical supplies made from recycled materials.

  5. Encouraging the use of public transportation, carpooling, or biking for staff and visitors to reduce the center's carbon footprint.

  6. Promoting sustainable practices among staff, patients, and visitors through education and awareness campaigns.

  7. Regularly monitoring and reporting the center's environmental impact and setting goals for improvement.

  8. Collaborating with suppliers and vendors to promote environmentally responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

  9. Complying with all relevant environmental laws and regulations.

  10. Continuously improving the environmental performance of the center by regularly reviewing and updating the environmental policy.

Environmental policy

Commitment to Sustainable Healthcare

We work on minimizing the waste then try to recycle or even reuse as much as possible.

Use alternative renewable sources of energy like the sun to heat the water and building in general.

Minimizing the use of water and energy in our building and work.

Paperless medical supply center to support the environment.

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