About Us

Our company (Care & Wellness Medical Supplies) is a leading company in Marketing of medical devices, Laboratories equipment and cosmetics. Basically we focus our efforts for Enabling  our customers to keep of their healthcare, so we are providing and supporting the Qatar market by the medical sections under The control of the most professional  and expert Technical and marketing team in Qatar Market.

Our Mission

 (Care and attention to the health of our customers) this is the signification of our company mission that we are seeking to raise it today and for upcoming days

And our mission also to be long-term partners with our customers via saving to them the complementary and efficient services

Our partner outside (Suppliers)

So for more competitive prices with high quality products our company Be keen to make partnership with foreign companies to be the Exclusive distributor in Qatar market and from this companies as following:

1- licetec- Australia                                     

2- Rite Aid- Australia

3- Pun By Bioneer – Taiwan                

4 -frio- England

5- Eco- Silver- Turkey                               

6- 100 Eyewear - China

7- Santasya- Turkey                                    

8- Ommed - Turkey          

9- Minion- Turkey                                           

10- Ficomed- Turkey

Our Customers

1- Hamad Hospital              

2 -  Most of the government hospitalsand special   

3- Most of the centers and clinics    

4-Most sports clubs   

5-Most bone centers are physiotherapy     

6- Most pharmacies in Qatar    

7- Most of the hypermarkets and supermarkets in Qatar

Our services

We would like to mention that our products existed in printed Brochures and through our Websites

Our company usually cares for its customers by providing the most quality And modern products in competitive prices in addition to the service after sales by technical support and The maintenance for all devices, and Care & Wellness Medical Supplies company has the advantage of deliver your product where you have Been so you can contact us on the numbers mentioned below .

Contact Details

470 Muaither Street - Muaither - Doha – Qatar

         974-77716461+                      Mobile: 77488766-974+Fax:     

Websites ://careandwellness.net